BDO-1000 : VFFS : Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger

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Manufacturer: CSS Machine & Engineering Co Ltd

Model: BDO-1000

Year: July-2004

Serial Number: 1250

Price: $make a reasonable offer

Availability: crated and ready to ship

Condition: almost new, used as a Demonstrator, never in production

Machine Specifications: Stainless steel construction, Production : 60 p.p.m Max., Electric : 220V, 50-60 Hz / 1 phase, Pneumatic : 11 ltrs/cycle @ 5.5 bar , (15 CFM @ 85psi)

Machine Dimensions: Width : 960mm(38"), Length: 1695mm(67"), Height: 1415mm +- 80mm(55"+-3"), Infeed Height: 1600mm +- 80mm(63" +- 3"), Bag Discharge Height : 345mm +- 80mm (13.5" +- 3")

Materials: Most heatsealable materials. Ideal with PP, PE/PP, Co-Extrusions and Laminates. Bag width : max. 230mm(9") / Bag length: max. 330mm(13")

The BDO-1000 is a compact vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger with a maximum output of 60 packs per minute. It is ideal for a wide range of products such as, potatoes, onions, citrus, fresh/frozen foods, confectionary, snacks, etc. in packs ranging from 0.5 to 5 pounds in weight. It can easily be attached to any automatic weighing machine or a volumetric cup filler, auger or counter. Optional equipment includes thermal transfer printers, adhesive label printers, date coders, hole punchers and more. Standard Equipment includes a PRU-Print Registration Unit, a rear discharging conveyor, a 230mm former made by Formtech and a side-fed hopper for an automatic weighing machine.

CFR-2L : 2 lane high speed counter

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Manufacturer: I.D.E.A.

Model: IDCFR-2L

Year: 2009

Serial Number: 091

Price: $make a reasonable offer

Availability: crated and ready to ship

Condition: new in crate

Machine Specifications: 220V, 60HZ,

Machine Dimensions: Infeed Hopper Height: 38", Discharge Hopper Height 65", Overall Height 75", Machine Weight 990Lbs

Products: apples, avocados, onions, citrus, stone-fruit

The CFR-2L is a high speed counting machine for roundish produce such as apples, onions, avocados, etc.. This particular model has a 70mm (2.75") spacing. Average fruit diameter should exceed 2.75" or will fall through the rollers. The machine consists of two roller chains which act in unison carrying the product to the holding hopper. When the bagger signals it is ready, the holding hopper opens and feeds the bagger. The CFR-2L can count accurately up to 490 pieces per minute.

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